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What We Do?

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  • Acrylic Board
  • Liquid Acrylic Matter
  • Selenium Matter
  • 2-D Signage Board

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ACP Fabrication

  • ACP Sheet
  • Aluminium Framing
  • MS Framing
  • Silicon Framing

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Steel Letters

  • Gold Steel Letters
  • Silver Steel Letters
  • Rose-Gold Steel Letters
  • Copper Steel Letters

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Neon Sign

  • Acrylic Base
  • Silicon Neon Tubes
  • UV Prints
  • Floro Neons

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About ACP Wale

Quality Assurance

Company Summary

Established in 2019, our company excels in affordable, high-quality branding solutions.


    • Outdoor Signage: Acrylic Boards, ACP Fabrication, Flanges
    • Indoor Branding: Logos, Vinyl, Neons


    • Dedicated project management and site supervision
    • Emphasis on after-sales service and customer satisfaction

Asked Questions

ACP Wale specializes in manufacturing a wide range of products, including.

1. ACP Boards

2. Acrylic Letters

3. Backlight Flex Board

4. Blockout boards

5. Canvas

6. Clipboard

7. Fabric Board

8. Flex

9. Frosting

10. Lolipop boards

11. Name Plate

12. Neon boards

13. Radium Name Plate

14. Steel Letters

15. Vinyl & OWV.

Absolutely! ACP Wale offers customization services tailored to your unique needs. Whether it’s a personalized design, size, or material preference, we ensure your specifications are met.

ACP Wale has had the privilege of serving esteemed clients such as Suddhi, Adani, Xtep, Koolchass, Housr, and Valueplus, among others, reflecting the trust and satisfaction our products deliver.

ACP Boards and Acrylic Letters by ACP Wale are crafted using high-quality materials ensuring durability and visual appeal. We employ top-grade ACP (Aluminum Composite Panel) and premium acrylic sheets to maintain the highest standards.

Yes, ACP Wale offers professional installation services for products such as Backlight Flex Boards and Steel Letters. Our skilled technicians ensure seamless installation, leaving you with a polished end result.

ACP Wale places paramount importance on quality. Radium Name Plates and Neon Boards undergo rigorous testing and inspection, adhering to industry standards to guarantee exceptional luminosity and longevity.

Certainly! ACP Wale showcases a diverse portfolio on our website, highlighting projects featuring Canvas and Fabric Boards. Explore our gallery to witness the creativity and finesse of our work.

Yes, ACP Wale offers comprehensive maintenance guidelines for all products, including Frosting and Vinyl & OWV. Proper care instructions are provided to ensure the longevity and appearance of our products.

The turnaround time varies based on the complexity and volume of the order. ACP Wale ensures timely delivery, and specific timelines for products such as Name Plates and Clipboards are provided upon order confirmation.

Placing an order with ACP Wale is convenient. You can reach out through our website’s contact form or Directrly call us at +91 79826 94431 and can mail us at Our team will promptly assist you in selecting, customizing, and processing your order for products like Lolipop and Flex.

Yes, ACP Wale provides comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) ensuring the ongoing performance and durability of our products. Our AMC services cover regular inspections, cleaning, repairs, and replacements if necessary, guaranteeing the longevity and optimal functioning of your investments.

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